Nemesis Sportfishing

Nemesis Sportfishing of Kauai, Hawaii is the best sportfishing Charter Boat Option for your Vacation

Nemesis Sportfishing offers the very best Hawaiian Sportfishing Charter Boat vacation option from Kauai. With Nemesis, you be fishing on a first-class, tournament ready fishing vessel extensively appointed for “fish ability” and comfort! Nemesis Sportfishing of Hawaii offers the most professional sportfishing charter available on the island of Kauai. Nemesis Sportfishing operates out of Port Allen harbor on the Southwest side of the island. On the Southwest side of the Island, the waters are typically calmer and the water gets deeper here, quicker than almost anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands, and is by far the best side of the island to fish.


Nemesis Sportfishing is better and quicker

At Nemesis Sportfishing, we are dedicated to putting our valued guests on to fish quicker and in the most pleasant circumstances! As most clients visit to enjoy a beautiful vacation on the Hawaiian Islands, a short 3.5 mile run and we're fishing in 1000 fathoms (6000 ft.) of water. You will literally be fishing before you can get your sunscreen on. So with us you get the best of both worlds.... Calmer water and Better Fishing! Fast! The island of Kauai lies right in the middle of the migration patterns of pelagic (open ocean) game fish. We fish year round and have a variety of game fish to pursue. Six species of billfish (Blue, Black, Striped, Short-nosed Spearfish, Sailfish, and Swordfish), five species of tuna (Yellow fin, Bigeye, Skipjack, Wavy back, and Albacore), Mahi mahi, and Ono. There are many near-shore species to fish for as well. Such as, Uku (Green Job fish), Ulua, (Giant Trevally), Kahala, (Amberjack), Mano (Shark), and many others.


Fun and Safe Hawaii Sportfishing with Nemesis own I.G.F.A. Captain Darrin

Fishing during your next Hawaiian vacation is fun and safe with Nemesis Sportfishing! One of the most important factors, and often overlooked when searching for a fishing charter, is the experience level of the captain. Captain Darrin is U.S.C.G certified and holds a 100 ton masters captains license, certified CPR/first aide responder, and is the ONLY I.G.F.A CERTIFIED captain on the island of Kauai. Captain Darrin started fishing offshore at the age of seven and working as a deckhand by the age of twelve. Nemesis Captain Darrin has been fishing in Hawaii for over 23 years and has fished professionally from Kona to Kauai. He has several tournament wins and many placings to his credit, and currently holds the Hawaii State Record for most Blue Marlins (6) caught in a half-day (4 hr.) trip. His passion is BIG BLUE MARLIN and BIG TUNA fishing. Nemesis Sportfishing and Capt. Darrin consistently rank among the very top Blue Marlin and Ahi (Yellowfin tuna) catch reports throughout the Hawaiian chain each year. However, Captain Darrin is equally satisfied helping a kid or first timer catch their first game fish!


Hawaii Sportfishing Vacations on Kauai with Nemesis Sportfishing are the best value!

For the best value in Hawaiian Island Sportfishing Charter Boat vacations, look no further and Captain Darrin Auger and Nemesis Sportfishing!! "We will do all we can to make sure you have an enjoyable trip and try our hardest to catch you fish. And although I'm a firm believer in lure fishing, we are very accustomed to rigging 'dead baits' for trolling, 'live baits', 'kite fishing', 'bait and switch', 'chunking', and many others. You can't be a 'one trick pony' out here and succeed. Sure, guys get lucky, but to be a consistent performer day in day out you have to have the experience to know when to do one thing or another. To be able to adapt to the ever changing conditions and moods of the fish is paramount. And that's what sets us apart from the rest! “

-Capt. Darrin

For the absolute finest experience in Kauai a trip with NEMESIS SPORTFISHING!